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I reached out to Mass Property Solutions because I was upside down on my house and had tried, to no avail, to sell through a real estate agent.  Steve Weiss from Mass Property Solutions responded quickly to my web inquiry. During our call, he had explained that he could not buy every house and that not all situations are a fit for Mass Property Solutions, but he is always happy to meet and see what options he can offer. We set up an appointment to meet.

Steve showed up as scheduled. Upon reviewing my property and situation, he advised that my best action was to try to negotiate a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure with my bank.  Despite the fact that this course of action would not make him any money, Steve gave me some talking points and offered to be a resource if needed. Lastly, he offered if that if a deed in lieu of foreclosure was not a viable option, that he could assist with a short sale.  His knowledge and advice were “spot on” – I was able to work things out with the bank!

Thanks to Steve and Mass Property Solutions!

J. Fox

Stoughton, Massachusetts

“…help[ed] us to sell our home with the least amount of stress”

My husband and I recently sold our home in Jamaica Plain to Mass Property Solutions.  It was such a positive experience that I wanted to share it.

We are an older couple. The time had come that we needed to sell the home we had lived in for over 40 years.  As you can imagine, parting with the home which contained so many memories was difficult and emotional.  We did not want to deal with all of the preparation and inconvenience of selling our home.

While searching on the internet, I found Mass Property Solutions website.  Although a little skeptical, we called and spoke to Steve Weiss.  He spent some time on the phone understanding my situation and then set up a time to meet with my husband and me to see the house.  At the meeting, Steve toured the house and then sat with us to explain the process of selling a home to Mass Property Solutions.  He told us that we could “take what we wanted and leave what we didn’t” and that we didn’t even have to clean the house or fix anything.  Additionally, he could be completely flexible with closing dates.  He also explained his offer would not be subject to any inspections or additional showings of the property.  He would make us an offer on the property “as-is”.  There was no high pressure or hard sell at the meeting.  He told us to think about the offer and what worked for us.

I called him a few days later and we agreed upon a fair price.  He came out the next day to sign all of the paperwork.  Steve was available throughout the process to answer any questions we had and to help us through the sale.  And true to his word, he let us leave the items we didn’t want to take—even arranging for donation of some of our furniture to a family in need.  Additionally, when our plans changed, Steve was flexible working with us to accelerate the closing date.

We appreciate that Mass Property Solutions was there to help us to sell our home with the least amount of stress.  I would recommend selling to Mass Property Solutions if you too don’t want to deal with the emotions, work and inconveniences of selling your house the traditional way!

Freide Winkler

Jamaica Plain, MA

Impressively Fast, Easy Closing

We wanted to take this opportunity to mention how easy and quickly our recent property transaction went…even our lawyer commented “It’s the fastest easiest closing I’ve ever experienced.”

E. DiCastro

Acting Chair, First Parish, Universalist Church

We sold our house the easy way

When I stumbled across your web site, the promises made sounded too good to be true.

So naturally, I was skeptical but I know my brother was in desperate need to sell his house. So, I passed the information on to my brother anyway, figuring worst case scenario, no fair offer is really made and my brother simply refuses to sell. Fortunately, this did not happen.

You delivered on every promise made on your web site. My brother did not have to clean up the house, nor did have to bring any of the electrical work or septic system up to code. He did not even have to move all of his possessions out of the house; only the ones he wanted to keep. This made for a much easier move. You even met him at his house so he did not have to come to you. You made a fair offer for the property considering all the work necessary just to make this a habitable home again. You set the closing in a timely manner. You made a promise to us at the closing that we would be able to see the home again after all the work was done. This too was a promise you kept.

I loved everything you did from the new updated kitchen, the beautiful fire place; the hardwood floors the stair ways and even the added bathroom. You really do make each neighborhood better, one home at a time. I am sure the neighbors will all appreciate the beautiful new home you restored. I will recommend you to anyone who needs to these types of services.

Thank you again.


M. E. Strand

Duxbury, Massachusetts

“I will absolutely and definitely recommend you to anyone I know who is in need of a fast, cash close”

Among those [companies] I met with, Steve, you were the most professional and kind of them all. I will absolutely and definitely recommend you to anyone I know who is in need of a fast, cash close.

Thank you for being gracious enough to wish me success with my current contract, and to express the willingness to take another look should I run into problems with that one. That is the sign of a true professional.

Please use this email as a testimonial if you think it has value. I have been truly impressed with your professionalism in all of our communications, both via email and in person.

Kim Wescott

Grafton, Massachusetts