Do you buy only Distressed Houses & Properties?
If not, what kinds of homes do you pay cash for?

People ask these questions a lot, and we are happy to educate! as-is is often in the eye of the beholder. For sure, we buy distressed homes in Massachusetts, but we also buy attractive homes and everything in between, usually “as-is.”

When we choose to buy a home for cash, we find it’s more about the owners’ circumstances than the house condition itself. For example, we work with a lot of people who have inherited a property and want to sell it without the fuss of making repairs, preparing the home for market, home inspections or going back and forth with buyers. Often inherited properties are left to multiple people and selling for cash can save a lot of energy and stress. We make it easy, even if you live out of state, Mass Property Solutions can arrange a cash sale for your house.

We are here to serve a market of people who don’t want to deal with a traditional home sale process. We pay a fair cash price to people for inherited homes, and to those downsizing, retiring, experiencing a job change, financial worries, foreclosure, divorce…whatever the reason, we make it fast and easy.

When we say we buy homes “as-is” we mean it. We’ll often buy a property and take care of everything, from junk removal and interior clean out to cleaning out the yard – it’s a one stop process.  Home-owners can come into the home before sale, take only what they want and leave the house “as is.”

So no, we don’t purchase only “distressed homes” – in fact the idea of buying distressed homes was introduced by a giant marketing campaign created years ago by a huge national home buying franchise. However, real local property investors tend to have a broader view of home buying.

Mass Property Solutions are a local Southeastern Massachusetts-based real estate investing company that helps homeowners sell their houses quickly, at a fair price for cash.  We are not a referral network, we are not a franchise, we are 100% local with excellent client reviews.

Plus, people seem to like to work with Beth and Steve – so go ahead, give them a call at 781-473-0088.